Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blue Butterfly #2 - We Are More Than Conquerors

Here is  a special blue butterfly perching below one of Johnny's proudest moments ever.  His Campbellton High, Florida basketball team had just won the state basketball championship (Johnny is #11.)  I know Johnny's heart was pounding with the feeling of the glory of winning and the feeling of accomplishment which comes with long hard work.  The trophy was a crowning moment that shaped the rest of his life.  I think we all have crowning moments but each with different names.  These are the moments that define us.  It's all a matter of choices.

In the game of life I have found our decisions determine whether we win or lose.  The basketball team is successful when it understands the team rules, the game rules, the penalties and the importance of good strength training.  The players make the decision to commit to do what it takes to win.  No exceptions.  They understand the goal and the price and just do it.

Sounds simple enough.  So why is this so hard for us to do?  Why do we make life so complicated?  What if we approached life as training for a championship game?  Imagine how different our lives would be.  Imagine  what we each could accomplish if we got beyond all our excuses we create for not doing it and just do it!

God tells us in Romans 8:37 we can conquer anything through His power by doing it His way.  He gives us the "rules book."  It's up to us to play the game.  A friend recently reminded me it's all about taking baby steps.  I understand though that it is easier said than done!  I am struggling to move forward right now - through that feeling of trying to get back up when the wind has been knocked out of you.

I have found there is no better place to pray then when knocked to your knees!  But then we have to get back up at some point and keep fighting for the victory.  Johnny taught me to never give up.  It's all about finishing the race no matter who comes in first.

Today I wish for you the strength and the discipline to make all your dreams come true.  I pray that you finish your own race and press on to the prize when you feel like giving in to frustration or impatience.  Keep your focus positive and on things of good report!

Believe you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.  We indeed are more than Conquerors!  God designed us to be champions.  When we look at ourselves through God's eyes we should see only winners.  Decide today to just do it.  You can if you think you can.

Have a heavenly day!


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